the hunters instinct

The Hunters Instinct was our first dabble in the works of comics. It was originally defined as a manga based on the Japanese formatting of comics. The project began well in the early 2010's when we were still students retaining any and all information of art and literature. The Hunters Instinct is not only a work we continue to use as a platform for improvement, but it is a physical timeline that showcases the progress we have made in the creation of our illustrations.

Chapter 1 Cover.jpg

THI: Original Works (2012 - 2013)

The following portfolio consists of both character sheets, promotional pieces, and unfinished panels and pages. Most of these works were not published publicly, or have been removed through prior social media sites that once held our original studio name, "Sinrise Studios."

THI Cover.jpg

THI: Revised edition (2014)

After noticing a shift in the art direction and storytelling, we decided to re-start the manga. This version of the manga was never completed, and the work itself was put to the side for a long hiatus. There were mild improvements, though the layout of the manga was still static, the line work and coloring was also rather basic at the time. The story direction had purpose, but the dialogue and narration was bland and not intuitive. But this version was the stepping stones for our later projects.


THI: A final glimpse (2016)

After a long hiatus, we decided to try and return to our original works. After many revisions, the story had a similar outline, yet darker and far more metaphorical. The art itself also took a drastic change, still holding deep roots in a form of manga style, it began to grow more unique to itself. We also decided to no longer consider the project a manga entirely and began to illustrate it as a western comic. Only a few pages were created, and even fewer still survive. The project has once again been placed on hold, but it may yet see the light again.

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