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Due to the amount of room needed for each concept piece and its provided lore, we have created a directory to help move you about the new works at hand for project "Crimson Blood"


Crimson Trinity Hierarchy

The Crimson Trinity was founded in the earliest years of the Second Age of Man, lead by the first matriarch, Atesh Syerai. They rooted out their archaic, earliest order, the Talon. Exterminating those who got in the way of the Trinity's new oath, and exiling the rest to rot away in the Boardeir Mountains. The Crimson Trinity became the guardians of Marich, the oldest standing Human kingdom, and the protectors of the Vale from invaders of Ziviria.

Pius Illud

The Holy texts of the Crimson Trinity are as much of history as they are lessons of a strict religion. Pius Illud speaks of the first Hand, the first Age, and even of the Couriers. Scholars still question to how its creators knew so much of a time considered forgotten then, and to how accurate their statements of the past were. The text is sacred to the Trinity, a tool and symbol of their cause.




The Vashar are the last of the Ravarans. Once considered ancients, or even gods among Ara, they ruled the First Age of Man. In Pius Illud, the text tells that the first Hand of Chrono, Majeir, slaughtered these remnants of a time long gone. This was to free man, but in turn cast them into the darkness of an age of reckoning. Ironically it would be a Vashar that would help mankind climb out from this darkness, setting the stage for the Second Age.

other concepts

 This directory holds art and lore to a myriad of other characters, settings, and concepts that build lore for Crimson Blood.

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