Crimson Trinity Hierarchy

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The Matriarch: Varana Syerai

Varana Syerai, daughter to Atesh Syerai, was crowned matriarch of the Crimson Trinity on the first of Vyian, 0028 SA. She ruled the order as a politician, a tactician, a mother, and a religious pathfinder. Varana would enact the first Chanters of the Trinity, separating the forces of the order into two devout groups. This would weigh heavy on her shoulders, thinning an already short supply of paladins to guard Marich's borders. With the rise of the church of Divinty in the heartland, Byorick aggression heightened, and with the still present insurgency of Talon members, Varana fought many battles of both steel and wit. Removing Atesh's council of prominent Trinity members, and replacing them with the assembly of Lords from Marich, she quickly became an icon to the people she protected and aided in governing. Her rule was surrounded with hardship, for even her own order began to doubt her decisions. Varana would be remembered by later generations as a bringer of the most pivotal changes to improve the Crimson Trinity. It would be her daughter, though, that became Varana's greatest gift onto the order.


The Mother: Atesh syerai

Atesh Syerai, the first matriarch of the Crimson Trinity, was born in the height of the conflicts in the Age of Bellium. She was raised by an unforgiving family and members of the Talon. They raised her to become a great warrior for their raids upon Valeroara, as the Talon built its strength off the backs of those unable to retaliate. Atesh watched the Heartland fall to chaos as a beast like race known as the Chromin swept across the land, butchering and pillaging all that stood in their way. The human fiefdoms could do little to fight back such an unstoppable force, for they were greatly divided and lacked the resources and training to raise any armies. Atesh knew that if the Chromin succeeded in destroying and capturing the Heartland, other nations and even the Talon would soon be next. The Talon believed that the Chromin were of no threat and only continued to rob from those who had but very little left. At the age of 16, Atesh had gathered a loyal following of friends and allies from both Marich and of the Talon, who renounced the order, and joined the ongoing conflicts in the Heartland. She would aid soon to be great figures of history in defending against this invasion. From the ashes of war rose the Second Age of Man, Freeborn, and the Crimson Trinity. Atesh would become blessed by Chrono himself, becoming his hand, and ruling a great order of devout warriors.

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The general: Caelum Faun

Caelum Faun, born under the noble house Faun, son to Hunder Faun, first of his name, was to become Lord Faun of Vienver. He would of belonged to the noble houses of Marich, inheriting great wealth, lands, and the people of his home. This would not come to pass, for encroaching from the West, came the marauding forces of Chromin invaders. Caelum’s father believed the armies of Alligard or Sentaria would hold off, even defeat these monstrous beasts. Hunder was wrong, the Chromin only desired the defeat of man. At the age of 18, Caelum Faun surrendered his titles, joining under the banner of Vyscel Fyire to fight back these invaders. There, on those Western battlefronts, Faun would come across a young woman by the name of Atesh Syerai. In awe of her prowess in battle, he would swear loyalty to her, and her order. Upon victory at the battle of Vu’Gar, Atesh awarded Caelum Faun the rank of general to her order of paladins. He would return with Atesh to Marich, to found the Crimson Trinity. As general of this order, Faun mobilized the paladins to secure the southern borders of Marich, construct outposts and watches of The Helm, and aid Atesh in unifying the lords of Marich.


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the grand chanter: kaires eshar

Daughter to Syiesa Eshar and Hunfer Eshar, devoted leaders of the Talon, Kaires Eshar was poised for great power within the order of the Helm. She was indoctrinated into the ideals of her fellow people in her most earliest of years. Before she was even ten years old, her mother Syiesa gambled the life of her daughter in training her how to wield Illium. By this time, though, the Talon’s presence over Marich and the rest of the Heartland was already wavering, the order being hunted to extinction by the Crimson Trinity. Her father would be slain by the sword of the matriarch of the Crimson Trinity at the battle of the Twin Crests. Syiesa cast the Talon into hiding, and would lose her daughter in the rush of escaping a Trinity raid. Mercy was shown that day, for Atesh Syerai saw potential in the little Talon girl. Kaires would be inducted into the Trinity to become a maiden for Atesh’s daughter, Varana. Befriending the heir of a matriarch and continuing her trainings by the scribes and paladins of the Trinity would plant Kaires in a position of great opportunity. Within the first year of Varana’s role as matriarch, Kaires would be honored the title of Grand Chanter, a role of religious and lawful importance.

The Matriarch’s

Ara is not new to great female powers. Across all of its history, there have been many women who’s names have stood the test of time. Their achievements great, their ambitions unwavering, and their strength unbroken. The Crimson Trinity’s matriarch’s are but another addition to the ever expanding line of great women. From it’s exordium, to the final days of its existence, this devout order has crowned many powerful women to mark their names in the annals of Ara’s history.

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