Horseman of the Apocalypse



"I have lost control, I no longer feel as if I am the operator of this body of mine. I watch from a distance, a spectator of my own vision. There are moments, brief by all accounts, where I feel as if I have calmed. Do I run for freedom? No, I but only collapse, drowning myself in sorrow. This pitiful me, broken by myself and from those before. There is this other voice, this maddening yet sweet voice. It beckons for me to step off this ledge, plunging into the darkness of my mind. She is me, and I am her."

Famine was the first to surrender his holds to the new generation, the Demon Lords as they proclaimed to be. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he hid among the mortals of Earth. The other Horseman would claim him to be a traitor, exiled from their order. He would not care, for he found such delight in man, believing his master would never return. Famine never saw the rise of Dawn, for his justice boiled from the filth he stirred upon the mortal plane. A woman he broke from years of cruelty was given the greatest of opportunities, as if destiny willed it. She murdered him in his physical form, her hatred so powerful it devoured his soul. Unknowing to her, she became what she despised most. For by Lucifer's power, still dormant, commanded that their must be four horsemen.



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