Demon Spawn/Slaves

Concept Warden.jpg

The Wardens

The Warden is of Satan's creations, a generation of imperfection. They are guardians of the gates that tether Heaven and Hell with the souls of man on Earth. As those denied access to ascension, they fall from the heavens, descending into the grasps of the damned and of sinners. The Wardens do not feast upon these outcasts, for they are far too important for their masters. They ensure that these rotting mortals are gathered by the lower spawn, and hauled away. These new bodies will becomes slaves to the Lords of Hell, their pain will be numbed by their temptation, and this eternity will be blurred by illusions.

Concept Lurker.jpg

The Lurkers

"From the depths of darkness, I hear their screams of terror only muffled by the grinding of iron on the rocks below. Here comes the carriage of those damned for eternity, a shipment of souls needing unending suffering. I hear the laughter of imps now, poking and teasing their catch. The occasional thud could be heard echoing down the chamber of those trying to escape, only then followed by a scream of agony as they were snatched out from the dark by the Lurkers. The beasts once man themselves, now carrying their kind to their fate. I could hear them now, the grunting and panting from lifetimes worth of suffering."

Lurkers are the servants of both the Wardens and higher ranking demons of Hell. They are not demon spawn themselves, but mutilated and enslaved humans. Their task is to carry the shipment of damned souls from gateways to Hell, in these giant iron troughs tied about the Lurkers as if horses pulling a carriage, to their masters of their respective holds. They are fused with other human remains, in turn making them unusually large and crude to look at. Lurkers are not powerful by any means, but are merely a driving workforce of Hell itself.

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