Demon Lords

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“Surrender yourself to your desires and embrace what taints the pure.”

Lust was no different from her brothers and sisters. She was of the few demon lords that held no hold over Hell, finding her home with either Satan or the Great Below. Man was all too familiar with Lust and her incessant desire to meddle with them. Lust only had but two companions, her hounds, chastity and salacity. They were created by her own flesh, forever tethered to her. It would be Lust to be the last of the lords to face the invaders of Hell, for her love of Satan knew no bounds.

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"I sing my lullaby, a tune so sweet. It beckons the young, so that we may meet. We play all night, until the dawn. Then I must retreat, trotting off with my legs of fawn. I entice them with my chime, that I shall return another time. Their hearts so pure, of a life yet lived. Their sweet faces and juicy flesh, oh so much they have yet to give. I sing my lullaby, a tune so sweet. For this meal I have earned I shall eat."

Innocence, a child of Satan, is a Creed of man belonging to the Lords of Hell. She never cared for the feuds of her brothers and sisters, and therefore did not reside along with them in the depths of Hell. She cared too much of man and their young. Happily living within the Great Below, Innocence found herself growing ever farther apart from the demons she considered family. Uriel, an angel, watched her delicate and beautiful self from afar. He would grow infatuated with this demon, believing he could purify her evil indulgences. The angel showed himself onto her, professing his love and desire to cleanse her of the Sin she was born with. Innocence would surrender her desires to love this angel, the two meeting each other on Earth still tethered to their holy plains. Decades they spent together, with Innocence soon bearing their child. Their love was broken by the birth of Eira, with Innocence giving her child to Destiny and retreating into hiding only to return at the birth of the new Dawn.

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"Look upon my bounty, gathered by those whose hands bleed green. Promised them with riches, a deceiving tale I fabricated. For no gold, ivory, or paper can amount to a life given. There they sat, cheering alone in the great void, a smile lacking any happiness  upon their aging face. Unaware they were, that in the deal they struck, they would die alone, only to be harvested for their expense."

Greed is one of the great Demon Lords of Hell, flesh to his master, Satan. He conceals his lack of strength by the power of charisma and manipulation. All Lords govern their own pawns, but none have as many as Greed. They wallow, their essence drained by their master. For Greed is selfish, only wanting more. This beast hoards his collection of remains of those who would make a deal, forming a dangerous relationship with them. Many great demons have witnessed the fury of Greed when one even dares look upon his riches. His carnivorous appetite knowing no bounds, for any and all of man are worthy to be mounted upon his chamber. Greed would be the first of the Lord's to witness the might of Dawn, and would suffer greatly for his ignorance of its arrival.

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 "It is not the future I see, but the possibilities of what can be. There is no definitive path, but a branching network of outcomes by decisions made. My goal is to align these possibilities into a suitable future for which I continue to live. Sacrifice is inevitable, betrayal all but certain, and a promise of lies woven into every word."


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