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Due to the amount of room needed for each concept piece and its provided lore, we have created a directory to help move you about the new works at hand for project "The Hunters Instinct."


Human Vessels

These poor souls unknowingly host a dark parasite living within them, scratching away of their inner lining to escape. Demons of great power can possess and control humans, but only the greatest of their kind can detach themselves from Hell and live among these vessels.

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Demon Lords

From the birth of Satan's spawn came those wielding great power, those that would embody mankind's deepest, darkest desires. They were the seven deadly sins and five creeds of man, lords of Hell. They plucked the holds once claimed by the great Horsemen, and followed suit by cleansing the demons of the first generation. These Lords of Hell were like all of Satan's spawn, infatuated over the humans they embodied, toying with their lives.


The Horsemen are of the first generation, Lucifer's spawn. They were his first children, guardians of his holds, masters of the spawn, and watchers of man.

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The first generation of Nephilim were of great power and of great risk to both Hell and Heaven. They were born from powerful spawn and angels, embodying both light and dark. Lucifer grew weary of their existence and thus created Damne, a hunter of such foul beasts. This demon of cunning nature would hunt the Nephilim to extinction, becoming its masters favorite pet. It would not be until an era of turmoil of Hell's reckoning that another would appear, the first of her generation and the last of her kind.

Demon Spawn/Slaves

 From meandering mindless beasts, to masters of their own pawns, Demon spawn are the backbone of Hell's cruelest labors. They belong to their masters, committing themselves to an eternity of servitude.

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